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"I couldn't thank you enough for all your hard work and effort. We really appreciate everything you did for A! Exams are very important but the most important thing that you built up A's confidence in Maths and English. That is what matters the most to us. We are very grateful for that! She is doing really well at school and the teacher always tells me that A is very motivated and works with passion. Thanks a million. You are an amazing teacher and we are incredibly lucky to meet you!"
Mrs. S

"Fatima is a kind, thoughtful and experienced tutor who not only knows her subject matter but also the ins and outs of the education system and its standards. This has been very reassuring for me as a parent and my child. Thank you Fatima for all your help and support so far."
Linda A

"I would not hesitate to recommend Fatima to any parent looking for a professional and experienced tutor. I'm very pleased with the progress my daughter is making!"
Jurgita A

"Fatima is a very professional tutor. She identifies the weakness of the student and drives them in the right direction without stressing or pressuring the student. I am very happy with the progress that my child has made. I highly recommend Fatima."
Hannan K

"Fatima has been tutoring our son for several months and he has shown dramatic improvement in his maths, literacy and verbal reasoning. Fatima has very high standards and works very hard to get the best out of the student. She communicates with the parents to ensure they are all working together to achieve their goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Fatima."
Sarah P, Parent- Whitgift School

"I cannot speak highly enough of Fatima. Always well prepared, she has quickly identified areas our daughter needs extra help with. After only few lessons we saw that her confidence in Maths and English has improved and she has progressed significantly at school. A very strong recommend . Thank you, Fatima!"
Mrs. IS

"Fatima was my 10 years old daughter's Maths & English tutor for 1 year. She was an excellent tutor: very professional, tutor that knows her job very well, always giving extra homework between the lessons so my daughter was able to enhance her further learning on the subjects. Would definitely recommend Fatima to anyone looking for a tutor."
Mrs. A

"I would like to say thank you for tutoring me. When you helped me with Maths and taught me ISHAMPOO it helped me immensely. Thank you so much. I'm sooo happy I got in the schools and part of it is thanks to you!"
Sofiya, Student - Latymer School

"Thank you again for all of your follow-up support and encouragement. The inteview preparation session was a great performance booster."
Irena, Parent - Whitgift

"She won the maths award for this exam! So I'm super excited! Thank you so much once again! So lucky I'd found you!"
Anum, Parent

"After your session today, I did tell him that if he had had you as his tutor for a year, he would have been a comprehension guru by now. And he readily agreed."
Mrs. I Y, Parent

"Fatima, your passion for what you do helped our son believe in his abilities. You took his comprehension work to a new level, challenged him and encouraged him - this helped him make the cut."
Ina, Parent - Westminster School

"You stood out among other tutors we had: so approachable and dedicated, always there for us with advice and encouragement, giving us confidence and stamina to keep on."
Mrs. V, Parent - Westminster School

"Fatima has been excellent at covering all topics for 11+ and I've loved her style of teaching! Very professional. Knows how to handle the kids's changing mood swings too. Works at the pace required, in our case, covered everything in a very short space of time."
Mrs. R, Parent - Latymer School

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